Alleviating a child’s struggle today for a hopeful tomorrow

The orphans of Afghanistan are a product of a war-torn nation where parents became victims and tragically children were left to fend for themselves amidst a harsh and unforgiving landscape. Most of the nation’s million orphans live in sub-poverty conditions and have limited access to schooling facilities.

Education will help provide a solid foundation for future generations

Only through educating the young and protecting their malleable minds can we cultivate peaceful values, attitudes and worldviews in order to transcend the violent and destructive wars of the past.

About Us

HRF is a 501c3 non-profit humanitarian organization. Our mission is to empower Afghan orphans through education.

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Our Strategy

Our approach is premised on the belief that education is one of the key drivers of Afghanistan’s social and economic development and will help provide a solid foundation for coming generations.

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Our Work

In order to provide the educational tools needed to integrate some of the most vulnerable children in Afghanistan back into their own communities, HRF has established its first primary school for orphans.

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Established by family and friends of Homaira Rahman as an enduring tribute to her, HRF is a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to supporting the most vulnerable of Afghanistan – its orphans.

HRF is a humanitarian organization that recognizes the need to preserve and protect a child’s right to an education and promotes their development.




We strongly believe that the key to achieving long term success in this war-ravaged country is to empower its youngest generation through education.

Espousing universally held principles that support child survival, protection, and development, we help build sustainable capacity through a comprehensive grassroots program.

We embrace Afghanistan’s diversity, and believe that a truly apolitical approach that remains indiscriminate of race, ethnicity, religion, and gender, will ensure the greatest success.



“HRF strives to provide the resources and opportunities  for children to help themselves, and to create a nurturing environment where  they can learn, thrive and grow.”